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Heuer_Monza_Chronograph_CR2080.FC6375_wrist - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch reviews by Angus Davies
Tag Heuer

Heuer Monza Chronograph CR2080.FC6375

Remembering 1976

Angus Davies feels nostalgic, looking back to 1976, an unusually hot summer in his native England. It was also the same year a unique timepiece was revealed for the first time, the Heuer Monza Chronograph. Forty years later, this iconic watch has been reissued and its allure has not diminished.

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Louis_Moinet_Black_Gold_Derrick_Wrist - ESCAPEMENT watch blog by Angus Davies
Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet Black Gold Derrick

Strike it Rich

Throughout horological history, automatons have drawn on the expertise of talented watchmakers, showcasing the adroit skills of their creators. The Louis Moinet Black Gold Derrick wonderfully animates the successful extraction of oil whilst indicating the hours, minutes and seconds.

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H.Moser_Endeavour_Centre_Seconds_Concept_wrist - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch reviews by Angus Davies
H. Moser & Cie

H. Moser & Cie Concept watches

To brand, or not to brand: that is the question

Discrete, elegant styling is an agreeable trait evinced by many of the timepieces in the H. Moser & Cie. catalogue. The Swiss brand has recently produced ‘concept’ watches, including the Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Concept Funky Blue launched earlier this year. This new timepiece eschews indices, some functions and branding to deliver a minimalist aesthetic.

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Arnold_and_Son_Nebula_wrist - ESCAPEMENT watch blog - watch reviews by Angus Davies
Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son Nebula

In bloom

Arnold & Son has imbued the Nebula with a distinct English character courtesy of its openworked triangular shaped bridges and inverted movement. The symmetry of the dial delivers a glorious appearance that is obvious within moments of making acquaintance with this fine Swiss watch.

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Armin_Strom_Edge_Double_Barrel_front - ESCAPEMENT blog by Angus Davies
Armin Strom

Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel

Close to the Edge

There is no substitute for getting close to a timepiece before forming an opinion on its specification. Armin Strom embraces a new design language with its latest timepiece, the Edge Double Barrel, a watch which deserves close inspection.

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