Armin Strom

  • Armin Strom Tourbillon Skeleton Air Ref. TI15-TA.50

    A Breathe of Fresh Air The independent watchmaker, Armin Strom, plays to one of its many inherent strengths, creating another breathtaking openwork timepiece, the visually distinctive Tourbillon Skeleton Air.     The independent Swiss watch brand, Armin Strom, has an amazing knack of producing timepieces which cause my horological tastebuds to salivate. Currently, I am…

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  • Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel

    Close to the Edge There is no substitute for getting close to a timepiece before forming an opinion on its specification. Armin Strom embraces a new design language with its latest timepiece, the Edge Double Barrel, a watch which deserves close inspection.     Often at weekends, numerous alpha males assemble at various venues around…

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  • Armin Strom One Week Air

    A week is a long time in horology. Or is it? Self-confessed Armin Strom addict, Angus Davies, gets ‘hands-on’ and reviews the One Week Air and marvels at its exalted finish.     Former British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson reputedly said, ‘A week is a long time in politics’. Later, when interviewed, Wilson could not…

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  • Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Water – see it at SalonQP 2014

    Sans makeup Armin Strom launches its latest Skeleton Pure collection at SalonQP (6.11.2014 – 8.11.2014). A few weeks ago, Angus Davies was able to have a close look at what he describes as the brand’s “best work to date”. Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Water   A few weeks ago, I spent a pleasant afternoon at…

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  • Armin Strom Racing Manual

    A new season, new regulations, the same high-end finish Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the Armin Strom Racing Manual. This watch ingeniously contains bridges made from the engine block of an F1 car.      The 2014 Formula One season has brought about a huge change in terms of the power plants which…

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  • Armin Strom One Week Skeleton

    “Going back to my routes” Angus Davies, Armin Strom owner and self-confessed fan of the brand, provides an in-depth review of the company’s latest watch, the One Week Skeleton, recently launched at Baselworld 2014.     In the last 12 months or so, I have become obsessed with Armin Strom, the small haute horlogerie brand…

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