• Fortis Terrestis Orchestra a.m.

    A mellifluous horological ensemble Angus Davies was recently offered the opportunity to wear a Fortis Terrestis Orchestra a.m. for a week-long period of evaluation. In this ‘hands-on’ watch review Angus examines the timepiece in detail and provides exclusive pictures, specification details and price information.     My chosen title may lead you to wrongly assume that…

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  • Fortis B-47 Mysterious Planets

    Is there life on Mars? The B-47 Mysterious Planets is a limited edition timepiece, launched at Baselworld 2012. It has a unique design language which displays hours and minutes in a futuristic and original way. Angus Davies reviews this unusual watch from Grenchen.     David Bowie released his famous song, “Life on Mars” in…

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  • Fortis Limited Edition Marinemaster Vintage

    Dr. Edwina Davies reviews the Fortis Limited Edition Marinemaster Vintage. This watch is available in two dial variants, featuring blue or orange colour schemes. It is the latter which engenders a sense of nostalgia in Edwina.     This is made in Grenchen in Switzerland but pleasingly, for my family, there is a Lancashire connection…

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