• Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT

    Home is where the heart is. The Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT combines a big date, GMT and chronograph in a generously proportioned timepiece. The styling embraces both modern and vintage details, brought together in one cohesive design. An increasing number of people choose to travel for leisure, eager to embrace new sights, new tastes and…

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  • Graham Chronofighter Steel Target REF. 2CCAC.B16A

    On Target The Graham Chronofighter Steel Target hasĀ a thumb-actuated stopwatch function and a fascinating smoked glass sapphire crystal dial. Angus Davies gets ‘hands-on’ with this interesting timepiece which features a ‘cross hairs’ small seconds display. Professional footballers will attest to the importance of being ‘on target’, striking the ball with precision and hitting the back…

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  • Graham Chronofighter Black Arrow Digi Camo Ref 2CCAU.E05A

    All Action Hero The Graham Chronofighter Black Arrow Digi Camo is equipped with a fascinating gadget, a laser activated planisphere. Angus Davies dons his battle fatigues and explores the many attributes of this fascinating camouflaged timepiece. I remember the incident with abject horror. There he was, my son, five years old at the time, suspended…

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  • Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton Ref. 2CCBK.B25A

    No compromises The Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton tips the scales at less than 100 grams. However, as Angus Davies explains, the impressive specification of this lightweight timepiece does not shortchange wearers. I have just looked in the refrigerator and discovered that all of my favourite creamy yoghurts have disappeared. In their place are ‘light’…

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  • Graham Chronofighter Vintage Ref. 2CVAS.U01A.L129S

    Mr Blue Sky This year, Graham, the Swiss-based watch brand, celebrates the 15th anniversary of its Chronofighter watch. Angus Davies grasps the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ with a new variant of the watch, presented in a beautiful shade of blue.     At Baselworld 2016, Graham celebrated the 15th anniversary of its Chronofighter model with…

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