• Graham Chronofighter Vintage Ref. 2CVAS.U01A.L129S

    Mr Blue Sky This year, Graham, the Swiss-based watch brand, celebrates the 15th anniversary of its Chronofighter watch. Angus Davies grasps the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ with a new variant of the watch, presented in a beautiful shade of blue.     At Baselworld 2016, Graham celebrated the 15th anniversary of its Chronofighter model with…

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  • Graham Silverstone RS GMT

    Miura moments and Dino dreams Angus Davies reviews the Graham Silverstone RS GMT, a timepiece which evokes childhood memories of exotic Italian supercars.     My relationship with watches may appear to many ‘normal’ souls as rather peculiar. While some men of a similar age to myself may view watches purely as functional items, purchased…

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  • Geo. Graham Tourbillon Orrery

    Also Sprach Zarathustra Angus Davies reviews the horological tour de force, the Geo. Graham Tourbillon Orrery, a timepiece which displays the solar system upon its dial. A hands-on experience with the watch left the Lancastrian watch admirer amazed at its breathtakingly sublime creation.   In 1896, when Richard Strauss created his most memorable work, ‘Also…

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  • Geo. Graham Tourbillon

    Another side Angus Davies falls for the charms of the Geo. Graham Tourbillon, a slender timepiece equipped with a micro-rotor and tourbillon. This watch reveals another side to the brand which takes its name from the legendary English clockmaker, George Graham (1673-1751).     I always find it fascinating to hear third parties describe my…

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  • Graham Chronofighter Oversize Superlight Carbon

    Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the Graham Chronofighter Oversize Superlight Carbon. This watch weighs less than 100 grammes and is made of cutting-edge materials.     Mass has a significant influence on performance. An overweight runner is unlikely to achieve Olympic success. Likewise, if you look at a race car, much effort is…

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  • Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton

    The romance continues Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the Graham Silverstone RS Skeleton. This chronograph has been in the possession of the self-confessed watch addict for several months and this extended tenure has led to a thorough understanding of the many attributes of this neoteric watch.     The excitement of a new…

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