• Gronefeld 1941 Remontoire in Red Gold

    Guest contributor, Johnny McElherron, waxes lyrical about the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire, a timepiece which harnesses much craftsmanship.     In recent years, the brothers Grönefeld have repeatedly impressed lovers of haute horlogerie with their remarkably beautiful timepieces. The Dutch duo are serial award winners. Both the One Hertz and the Parallax Tourbillon watches have deservedly thrust their makers…

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  • Visiting Gronefeld, the Horological Brothers

    The renaissance of the Dutch Golden Age Angus Davies has recently visited the incredible workshops of Grönefeld, the ‘Horological Brothers’. The workshop in Oldenzaal in the Netherlands, located near the German border, is home to watchmaking masterpieces worthy of the term ‘art’. Indeed, Angus Davies ponders whether he has witnessed, first hand, the renaissance of…

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  • Independent’s day – Grönefeld “One Hertz” Dune

    Brotherly love The two Dutch brothers, Tim and Bart Grönefeld fooled me into thinking the “One Hertz” nomen, referred to the frequency of the balance wheel. It actually refers to the dead beat seconds, sometimes referred to as “second morte” or “jumping seconds” on their Dune model.     I am hopeless a cook. If…

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