ESCAPEMENT is very keen to promote the authorised distribution of fine timepieces.

Buying from non-authorised retailers is fraught with danger, sometimes resulting in a purchase where the provenance is questionable. Moreover, fakes are commonplace and even so-called ‘experts’ have been caught out.

The retailers listed, categorised by country, are authorised sellers of timepieces and can provide informed advice. ESCAPEMENT allows authorised retailers to be listed free of charge on its website. Whilst ESCAPEMENT offers no warranty to the retailer list, many of the companies featured have long trading histories and are well-respected.


Retailers, United Kingdom (A-G)

CW Sellors Jura, various locations throughout the UK

CW Sellors Jura, various locations throughout the UK

Jura Watches is a specialist independent luxury watch retailer consisting of seven watch boutiques and a market leading e-commerce website that continues to set new standards in the luxury watch sector. Their friendly staff are passionate about the wide range of niche and established international brands stocked. They stock a unique range of contemporary watches combined with a buying experience enhanced by innovative technology.

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